Thursday, February 12, 2009

road rage playlist

on your average workday morning (excluding friday's), i listen to the always funny howard stern show on my way to the office. some mornings, however, when traffic is bad or i'm over it before the day has started, i like to rock out to road rage music. you know the kind...when you turn the radio up loud and scream/shout the lyrics at the back end of the car in front of you. on mornings like this you don't care if the schmo in the car next to you sees you boppin' your heart out.

here's a sample of three songs from my road rage playlist:
1. so what, pink (this, at least for now, may also be my theme song)
2. billy jean, mj (who doesn't love a little billy? the kid is not my son)
3. walkin' in memphis, marc cohn (heart memphis!)

what's on your road rage playlist?


  1. music that gets me so pumped up, i punch holes in televisions:

    1. "rite of spring" by Igor Stravinsky
    2. "I'll Be" by Edwin Mcain
    3. "Candle in the Wind (Princes Di version)" by Elton John
    4. "........" by Helen Keller

  2. ok fine. Because music is 80% of my life (the other 20% is analyzing droves of hogs, obv), I will also provide a serious answer.

    typical music choice disclaimer: these toootally aren't all my "favorite" songs nor are they in any particular order, but are a sample of songs that popped out while scrolling through itunes

    10 songs that if you don't like, i will think less of you. i can say that because i have a degree in this shiz:

    -"Dream On" - Aerosmith
    -"Mr. Jones" - Counting Crows
    -"White Room" - Cream
    -"Brain Stew" - Green Day (i know i know, but nothin's better for road rage)
    -"Welcome to the Jungle" - GnR
    -"Voodoo Child (slight return) - Jimi Hendrix
    -Every Single Journey Song...Ever
    -(insert 13 pages of Zeppelin songs) - "Hey Hey What Can I Do?" and "The Ocean" for example
    -"I ain't the one" - Lynyrd Skynyrd (obv "freebird")
    -"Blinded" - Third Eye Blind (currently playing)

    I could go on for years. enjoy.

  3. This is definitely one I need to think about! Road rage music is definitely different than travelling music, which is where I'd put songs like what Jenn listed, and quite a few of the hog drover's tunes. When I think road rage playlist, I think you have to pick some serious rockin' music. If I go back to the 90's (yea, waaaay back, right?) I'd have to pick things like Rage Against the Machine, Limp Bizkit (I think they're getting back together - bad idea), and my fav Pearl Jam, but obvi not all of their songs. Groups like Metallica come to mind too. I have a thing for Linkin Park now for this purpose, Bleed it Out is a favorite. You have to be able to scream the loud, angry lyrics.
    If you want to do road trip music, you know where my heads at! But generally, I also heart Howard for the morning commute. He's the best!

  4. There is simply no greater road rage song than System of a Down's "Sugar." GUARANTEED to brighten any traffic hater's day!

    Listen to it here...

    If that's not on hand, then Scissorfight's "Granite State Destroyer" will get the job done.

    Or if either of those are too heavy, aggressive or seemingly bloodthirsty, Tracy Bonham screaming "EVERTHING'S FINE!!!" in "Mother Mother (Everything's Fine)" will gently coax the stress bunnies out into the sunlight.

  5. This is a very difficult assignment, since I'm honestly the epitome of pure relaxation behind the wheel, so I put iTunes' Genius feature to the test. If you don't know the Genius, you should check it out. Think of it as Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon for your music library... and who doesn't like Kevin Bacon? Mmmmm Bacon.
    Of course, I had to start somewhere. I think we can all agree that there's nothing better than a little Salt N Pepa to sooth away the road rage tension, so those lovely ladies were the seed to my search. The rest of the list is from my iTunes Lib... courtesy of Genius:

    1. "Let's Talk About Sex" - Salt N Pepa
    2. "Seether" - Veruca Salt (Genius thinks I like my ladies salty.)
    3. "The Distance" - Cake (Genius suddenly realizes there's driving involved in this playlist.)
    4. "Jerry Was a Racecar Driver" - Primus (Genius overdoes the driving theme. Everyone's embarrassed for him.)
    5. "Winona Has a Big Brown Beaver" - Primus (Genius tries to overcompensate by referencing a previous Ctrl-Z blog posting.)

    I think we can all agree that, thanks to the "Genius" of Apple, this list is far superior to any of the others and will have you honking the shit out of your horn in no time.