Thursday, February 12, 2009

grade A bs

hog drover [8:56 AM]:
oh english degree holder, why does the word "pretty" double as a comment about looks and then as a description of intensity (i am pretty hungry).

hog drover [8:56 AM]:
explain these things to me

jeni reni [8:57 AM]:
pretty as in looks means better than average

jeni reni [8:57 AM]:
pretty as in fairly means the same

jeni reni [8:57 AM]:
b/c fair also means pretty

jeni reni [8:57 AM]:

hog drover [8:58 AM]:
that is grade A bs. i'm impressed

1 comment:

  1. in other convos that have gone on today, it has come to my attention that in addition to "pretty" the following words also require explanation:
    - fancy
    - fetching
    - darling
    - armpit beaver