Tuesday, February 3, 2009

how much is that kitty in the window?

i feel like we should discuss what is going on in this picture...ok, hop is making me discuss this, but i'm happy to oblige...

this is a picture of exactly what you think it is...a cat in the back of a car...

here's what you may not know about the cat: first, he's stuffed (ok, maybe that one's obvi); second, he doesn't have legs or a face (weird...who wants a stuffed cat with no face?); third, somebody obviously intentionally put this in their car.

so, i know you've asked for fewer questions in my blog, but i have a few anyway:
1. be honest. is this your car? if yes, why? if no, stop lying.
2. how many live cats live in the home of the car's driver?
3. should jimmy the hog drover, who is as equally committed to his herd as this person, also have a stuffed, faceless, legless hog in his car? (the answer here is a resounding yes.)
4. (this one's for hop) what do you think the driver's house smells like?

i'll go first.
1a. no, this is not my car. i can't help lying about it...i'm embarrassed
2a. 160. no question.
3a. again, a resounding yes.
4a. i'm going to go with pistachios and raid.


  1. This man or woman's home (I sincerely hope this person is a man) most definitely smells like microwavable chicken pot pie, cat piss and loneliness (equal parts).

    I love this person. I love their unabashed affinity for cats, and how they balance their practical approach to life (Toyota Corolla) with a sufficiently creepy playfulness.

  2. Ok.

    1. Obviously not my car since i cant fit a hog's torso through the side door
    2. none. no cats. if the cat on display is disfigured and stuffed, i can't begin to imagine to state of the (clearly deceased) cats at home.
    3. no comment.
    4. smells like potpouri mixed with the scent of popped bed sores.

  3. i think i might know the owner of the car that is crazy enough to drive around with a face-free stuffed cat. as much i would like to share, i cannot name names. she may just read my blog which links to this one. i will say she frequently has dinner with her mom and her cats and many days smells like cat urine. nice, huh?