Saturday, March 14, 2009

play it again, mr dj

as i was reading through your comments on the hey mr dj post, i noticed everyone was relieved that their shuffle hadn't betrayed them and exposed them as emo/celine dion junkies. jimmy was really the only one who came clean with his embarrassing tunes, and i think we should all follow suit.

so here goes, my 5 most embarrassing songs:
  • don't worry, be happy, bobby mcferrin (this was for a work thing and it's really not my fault)
  • perfection, cher (again, a work thing and i promise i skip it every time it comes up)
  • all for love, color me bad (it uuuuuused to be a good song, right???)
  • reach, gloria estefan (work, i promise!)
  • beer for my horses, toby keith
when you shuffled your music last time, which 5 songs did you most fear showing up?


  1. So, I just finished the last assignment and kept hitting the fwd button on shuffle to see if anything was embarrassing. The answer is a resounding "NO!"
    Be it Kelly Clarkson, Kenny G, or Dexy's Midnight Runners (Come on Eileen, anyone?), I'm actually very pleased with my library.
    Do I push the fast-forward button once in a while when I hit a song I don't want to hear? Sure. I'm human. I can't listen to Cher ALL the time. I mean, who has the energy to dance to the entire Believe album three times in a row? I need some late 90s/early 2000s Madonna in there to mix it up, right?
    The truth is, most of my songs are in my library for a reason... and the scary part is, even if the song is bad, I remember the time or place or event or person that caused me to add them. So I'm kinda glad I have them. Judge me.