Wednesday, January 21, 2009

so here's a question for you...

which animal do you consider the preppiest?

things to consider:
  • does this animal have the right hair? friends? clothes?
  • how does this animal look in a blazer? seer sucker? madras shorts?
  • is this animal wealthy? does he row crew or sail? does he have more than one house?

animals that have already been discussed:

  • penguins are the most formal animal, therefore penguin is not the right answer
  • giraffe--good hair, looks down on people, only hangs with their own kind; is he too much of a loner though?
  • male african lion--better hair, would totally rock a blazer; is he really a prepster or a bad ass though?

so, let's hear it. what is the preppiest animal? go!


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  2. Easy. Flamingo!

    This animal is so preppy it makes me wanna play polo on my dad's yacht. If it had the chance, flamingos would have 6 popped collars. First, its! You may as well put a plaid sports coat on it and cover its pants with pictures of oars and lacrosse sticks. Second, it stands on one leg like its got something to prove. Too good for the ground it walks on? Finally, this animal is so popular that plastic molds have been made for the purpose of surrounding your house with a false sense of inclusion.

    Wrap a white sweater around its back, put a tennis racquet in one hand, a bottle of grey goose and oxycontin in the other, and the flamingo will become the leader of a trust-fund Princeton crew team in no time!

  3. Damn you are right about it being the falmingo! I thought it was the giraffe, but clearly, it's the pink flamingo.
    Did you know the company that made the plastic molds went out of business? Those things are collector's items!

  4. why didn't anybody say alligator? he defined preppy for us Xers in the 1980s.

  5. i think he probably wasn't brought up because most of us gave up on the 80's 20 years in the now, man!