Monday, January 26, 2009


i'm not going to lie to you. i watched something last night that i wish i could ctrl + z right out of my life. the duggar family wedding. horrific.

let me catch you up on the duggar's. they're a family of like 20 from arkansas. they heart god big time. so the oldest son (20) is going to get married, after i think only seeing "his bride" all of four times in person. fine. arranged marriages are good. whatever.

this is what gets me: the first time they are going to kiss is at their wedding. can you imagine having your first kiss in front of all those people? dude tried to do some weird french kiss thing. i was uncomf to say the least.

just before the wedding, the dad gives his son a book and some sort of dvd/cd thing on being a good husband and tries to teach him about "the birds and the bees." most awkward conversation of that kid's life, right?

wrong, in his bio says he "was constanty tempted to have lots of wrong thoughts" but "if he was willing to share honestly & openly with his parents" he was somehow cleared of these "wrong thoughts."

how do you think that conversation went? and what are the chances that he didn't kill anybody with all that pent up frustration?

watch the show. guaranteed nightmares.


  1. The real tragedy of this story is his poor bride! They're going to be making up for lost time. So that means absurdly chapped lips from all of the sloppy training wheels kissing. She going to need some chapstick. AND - you mention pent up frustration...this poor girl isn't going to be able to walk after all of the boot knocking. She will be k'd up within weeks, and Duggar Part II will begin. That family will eventually take over the world with all of their procreation. That would be a nightmare!

  2. I'm going to disagree with Kris. The REAL tragedy is that jeni reni read his bio... and all the other Duggar bios (which takes a solid week).
    Also, you don't know what you're talking about with boys and kissing. Guys come out the gate as kissing gurus. If you don't believe me, just ask them. Heck, when I was 14, I'd _blow_ kisses to girls and they'd faint.
    So, think about that when Duggar boy's new bride is sporting a dozen hickeys next week and is the happiest girl on the PLANET.