Saturday, January 17, 2009

eek! my first post

well, here it first blog post (as myself anyway). i'm excited to use this forum to discuss things that i wish could be undone as easily as ctrl + z.

let's examine what these might look like:
  • saying/doing something insanely stupid
  • a tragic ensemble
  • george bush (ok, that's mean, but seriously)
  • global warming
  • other terrific ideas i/you come up with

while i haven't been able to identify a great "edit > undo" for today, i'll focus my first ctrl + z on an embarrassing/tragic event from yesterday.

it was a freezing cold day on the east coast and i was lucky enough to be working from home. i took this delightful opportunity to walk my dog late in the afternoon. as i usually do, i bundled up with hat, scarf, mittens...the whole 9. K turned circles in his usual "poop spot" and i prepared to clean up with a plastic bag. please note that in most instances i remove mittens prior to clean up duty. not so yesterday. i decided i was talented enough to keep the mitten on for clean up. as my friend "jimmy" will attest, life in a mitten is not easy. he's right.

as i went to turn the bag inside out, i got poop on the mitten. gross. seriously.

let this be a lesson to all of you. life in mittens is hard...and smelly.


  1. Let me know when you're ready for a break and need a guest blogger. -Ethel

  2. love the name of the blog. so you. what possessed you to get on here? so not you. cracking me up.


  3. Just FYI - I had on gloves today when walking Nittany and successfully picked up the poo without getting any on the gloves. Clearly, gloves are superior to mittens in delicate situations like this.

  4. @kris--agreed. i've been successful with gloves many times. i'm now gun-shy on picking up with mittens on. i have taken them off for every pick-up subsequent to "the incident."